The ChristianLeague Code of Conduct

     As a ChristianLeague team member, I hereby pledge to represent my Team, my Nation, and my God with dignity and responsibility, bearing in mind that a good name is above great riches.

    I understand that, as a team member, I am responsible for my own safety, and that ChristianLeague is not to be held liable for any injuries or damages suffered while in the field, unless the fault falls directly on ChristianLeague.

    I understand that I am in charge of uniform creation and maintenance, and promise to maintain modesty, safety, and legality while creating and wearing my uniform.

    I understand that as a member and as peers to my fellow citizens, I am not above the law. I promise to follow all applicable laws at all times, and under all circumstances.

    I understand that while choosing, wielding, and handling weapons, personal or otherwise, I will follow all laws and ordinances pertaining to weapons, and will bear in mind that violence is an absolute last resort. 

    I understand that the protection of my identity is my responsibility and choice, but I promise to respect the privacy of the identities and otherwise personal information of my team members, should such information come into my possession.

    I understand that I should be respectful to my team leaders and to my fellow team members at all times, and also agree to be extremely courteous to all citizens at all times, even if the courtesy is undeserved or not returned by the individual.

    I understand that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and promise not to desecrate it with alcohol, illegal narcotics, or other intoxicating substances. I also understand that smoking is prohibited while in the presence of other team members.

    I understand that I am an example to all who observe me, and therefore agree to abstain from any and all use of curse words while in the presence of the team or while in the presence of my fellow citizens.

    I understand that I am expected to observe and follow the laws of God as well as the laws of the authorities, at all times and under any circumstances.

    I understand that I am not to disrespect, injure, or be disloyal to my team members in any way.

    I understand that deliberate failure to comply with this Code can and will be met with a proper amount of discipline, imparted only by one or more of the Three Leaders. I promise to undergo this discipline without further infraction or disrespect, and note that, excluding expulsion, all privileges will be restored after the said discipline is undergone.

    I promise to observe and comply with this Code at all times, regardless of the situation in which I am engaged.

 Signed and agreed upon,

The ChristianLeague Triumvirate

Raptorman, Razzar, Thunderbird



Recent Ops

(VIRSEC, The Harbinger) Been brushing up on my freerunning and parkour skills. It's been good, optimizing old moves, learning new ones. Maybe sometime I'll attend one of those fancy parkour academies, but I hear that requires money.